Why Messi's Miami Move Matters: A Deep Dive into Football's Latest Stunner

Matt Biggin
Matt Biggin

published 06:06, 09 September 2023

The Background Story: From Barcelona to Paris, and Now, Miami

The Barça Days and the Parisian Interlude 

Lionel Messi’s departure from FC Barcelona, after more than two decades, sent shockwaves across the footballing world. While many speculated his next steps, few could have accurately predicted the path from Barcelona to Paris, and eventually, Miami. Although his stint at Paris Saint-Germain had flashes of brilliance, the club’s failure to clinch the Champions League title that continues to elude them left fans and critics wondering whether he would remain in Paris. Many expected him to leave, but few could have predicted he would join Inter Miami.

Miami Beckons 

David Beckham’s Inter Miami had always shown ambition since its conception. Now, it seemed they had pulled off the football coup of the decade.

The allure of the city, combined with Beckham’s persuasive powers, may be among the key reasons why Messi chose Miami over other potential suitors. This is a deal that could revolutionise the football landscape Stateside, in the way that Beckham’s own MLS move did decades before. 


But beyond the glam and glitz, what made this move even more surprising was the financial intricacies involved.

The Finances Behind The Miami Miracle

Messi’s Deal Decoded 

The numbers behind this transfer are staggering. How much did Messi get for moving to Miami? Reports suggest a deal that’s not just lucrative but unprecedented in Major League Soccer’s history. But, of course, one can’t merely look at his weekly wages, rumoured to be a mammoth figure. 

Reports vary about how much the World Cup winner is earning playing in the United States. GiveMeSport has the diminutive Argentine raking in $150 million over two and half years, a deal which works out around £918k per week. Sportskeeda estimates that he will earn $54 million per year, amounting to a weekly wage of $1.2 million. 

The question of how much is Miami paying Messi per week is overshadowed by another intriguing aspect: equity. How much equity is Messi getting in Inter Miami? This shift towards ownership indicates a new chapter, not just in Messi’s career but perhaps in how football stars view their long-term futures.

When he retires, Messi is expected to exercise his ownership stake in the MLS’s 10th most valuable club. In an unprecedented move, the global superstar will also get a portion of the league’s broadcasting deal with Apple TV, as well as kit sales from Adidas. 

Inter Miami’s Value: A Messi Boost 

Messi’s arrival undoubtedly had a seismic effect on Inter Miami’s valuation, as well as the status of MLS itself – it is believed Messi has brought in $265 million in ticket sales since arriving in the league. 

ORLANDO, FL – SEPTEMBER 24: A young Miami fan displays his Messi jersey before the soccer match between Inter Miami and Orlando City on September 24, 2023 at Exploria Stadium, in Orlando FL.Photo by Joe Petro/Icon Sportswire SOCCER: SEP 24 MLS, Fussball Herren, USA – Orlando City SC vs Inter Miami CF EDITORIAL USE ONLY Icon2309240006

How much is Inter Miami worth after Messi? While exact figures might be under wraps, early speculations hint at a significant surge in value. Furthermore, the role of sponsors can’t be overlooked. 

For instance, whispers about Apple’s involvement led many to ask: How much is Apple paying Messi? Whilst the exact figure is unclear, reports state that Apple TV has gained more than 300,000 new subscribers, and a profit of close to $30 million, following the arrival of the 6-time Ballon d’Or winner. 

While this remains speculative, what’s clear is that Messi’s association with a brand or a team turns everything he touches into gold.

Messi’s Impact On and Off the Pitch

Before and After Messi: A Tale of Two Teams 

What was Inter Miami’s record before Messi? While the team showed promise, Messi’s arrival has undoubtedly led to an upswing in fortunes. Early results since his transfer have been positive. But it’s not just the win-loss column that shows the ‘Messi Effect’. Ticket sales, merchandise numbers, especially the question of how many shirts did Messi sell for Inter Miami, all point towards a phenomenally successful acquisition, both in footballing and business terms.

Beyond Speed: Messi’s True Value 

Though Messi might not feature in the list of the fastest football players, his innate ability to change the game remains unmatched. Messi’s 2012 season is often hailed as one that shook football. The same genius is now on display in Miami, proving that raw speed isn’t the only measure of a player’s worth.

The Future Landscape: MLS, Messi, and More 

The Broader Implications for the MLS 

The arrival of football’s biggest name in America has ramifications far beyond just Inter Miami. Are all MLS teams benefiting from Messi’s arrival? Indirectly, yes. Increased viewership, heightened media attention, and a lucrative broadcasting deal with Apple have all been influenced by the arrival of the Argentine maestro.

A New Era for Football in the US? 

Messi’s move might be signalling the dawn of a new era. With Beckham at the helm and Messi on the pitch, Inter Miami is not just aiming for MLS glory but is also eyeing a larger slice of the American sports entertainment pie. As they embark on this journey, revisiting the legacies of all-time great footballers, like Messi, becomes imperative. The question remains: Is Inter Miami making money? Time will tell, but the early signs are promising.

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