Top 20 All-Time Greatest Defensive Midfielders: In-Depth Analysis

Best Defensive Midfielders
Best Defensive Midfielders
Matt Biggin
Matt Biggin

published 14:59, 12 December 2023


Unveiling the Elite: Best Defensive Midfielders in Football History

The game of football has many important positions, but perhaps none more pertinent and essential than defensive midfield. Players who excel in this position need to be among the fastest footballers of all-time in order to recover quickly, in addition to enjoying peak physical conditioning.

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The best defensive midfielders in the world had so many outstanding qualities, such as tackling, anticipation, heading, positioning, marking, passing, stamina, and they also had to be among the in order to recover quickly. 

But to truly be a generational talent requires qualities that transcend the crowd, a profound understanding of the game, and the perfect blend of transitioning from defence to attack.

In this comprehensive guide, we are going to look at the careers of the 20 greatest defensive midfielders in football history, unravelling what made them such generational players, and exalted emblems of their position.

So, without further ado, here is the Footy Samba list of who we believe to be the 20 greatest players to ever play the sport’s toughest position (plus 5 honourable mentions).

20. Gilberto Silva

Date of birth: 07/10/76

Key attribute – Ball winner

Teams: Brazil | América Mineiro, Atlético Mineiro, Arsenal, Panathinaikos

Often overlooked due to playing alongside better known players such as Patrick Vieira, Gilberto Silva was actually a core lynchpin in Arsenal’s Invincibles side. He also featured predominantly for the Brazilian national side, where he was nicknamed “The Invisible Wall.”

He registered 89 senior caps at international level, winning the 2002 World Cup, and captaining the side to their 2007 Copa América win.

Famed for breaking up opposition attacks and his clean style of play, Silva was a great man marker, strong tackler, and had very intelligent positional play. His great strength was in man marking to force the opposing team to have to play long ball, allowing his side to regain possession more easily.

He was also known for his high passing completion rate, and was widely regarded as one of the greatest defensive midfielders in the world during his time at Arsenal.

19. Diego Simeone

Key attribute – Warrior

Date of birth: 28/04/70

Teams: Argentina | Vélez Sársfield, Pisa, Sevilla, Atlético Madrid, Inter Milan, Lazio, Racing Club

Most recognizable by some for his role in getting David Beckham sent off in the 1998 World Cup, but this should not change the fact that Simeone was a truly exceptional defensive midfielder. Something of a journeyman at club level, he enjoyed successes with Atletico Madrid and Lazio, whilst at international level he was a mainstay in the Argentina side.


Amassing a then record-breaking 106 caps for the Argentinian National Team, winning two Copa America titles with them. A gritty, combative player, Simeone came to define the quintessential defensive midfielder, and was regarded as a steely and pragmatic player, who has taken the approach into his managerial career, to great effect. 

18. Gennaro Gattuso 

Key attribute – Grit and determination

Date of birth: 09/01/78

Teams: Italy | Perugia, Rangers, Salernitana, AC Milan, Sion

Gattuso was famed for his grit and determination in the heart of Milan’s midfield. He had great work ethic, stamina, and a no nonsense approach on the field that made him integral to Milan’s side during their glory years.

Often a controversial figure both on and off the field, Gattuso was adored by fans and despised by rivals.

His legacy stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit required to thrive in the defensive midfielder role. His ability to disrupt opposition play, shield the defence, and provide a combative edge showcases the indispensable qualities of the best defensive midfielders.

It takes a huge player to become a Milan legend, and Gennaro Gattuso was a huge player, broad of character and strong of heart, and his influence on the position remains etched in the history books.

17. Sami Khedira

Key attribute – Tactical nous

Date of birth: 04/04/87

Teams: Germany | VfB Stuttgart, Real Madrid, Juventus, Hertha BSC

During his tenure at Real Madrid, German stalwart Khedira carved out a niche as one of the most reliable defensive midfielders in world football. His physical presence, tactical astuteness, and ability to contribute both defensively and offensively made him a crucial component of successful sides, at both club and international level. 

As part of the German squad that triumphed in the 2014 World Cup, Khedira’s displays showed the importance of a strong defensive midfielder in the modern game. His versatility and ability to adapt to different tactical systems underscored his significance among the world’s best defensive midfielders, and he is regarded as one of the best of his generation.


16. Michael Carrick

Key attribute – Positioning

Date of birth: 28/07/81

Teams: England | West Ham United, Swindon Town & Birmingham City (loan), Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United

One of England’s most underrated players ever, Michael Carrick brought an orchestral quality and intelligence to the role of defensive midfielder. His vision, passing range and ability to dictate tempo made him a mainstay in Manchester United sides in the latter part of Sir Alex Ferguson’s reign. His elegance on the ball and positional awareness helped contribute to United’s success.

As a leading midfielder of his generation, Carrick wasn’t a flashy, flair player, but instead a quiet leader, who controlled games from deep and was an astute tactician in many areas. His influence on the game (and the position) continues to be felt by modern players and teams.

15. Esteban Cambiasso

Key attribute – Game intelligence 

Date of birth: 18/08/80

Teams: Argentina | Independiente, River Plate, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Leicester City, Olympiacos

Esteban Cambiasso, nicknamed “Cuchu,” is widely regarded among the best CDMs of his generation. The versatile Argentine etched his name in football history with his contributions to Inter Milan’s success, particularly during their treble-winning season in 2009-2010. Cambiasso’s intelligent positioning, ability to read the game, and knack for scoring crucial goals made him a standout defensive midfielder, and he was key to Inter’s domestic dominance in the mid-late 00s.


Additionally, he enjoyed successful spells with Real Madrid, Olympiacos, and River Plate, and won Leicester City’s Player of the Year 2014-15, playing a key role in keeping the newly promoted side in the Premier League following their promotion.

14. Fernandinho

Key attribute – Versatility 

Date of birth: 04/05/85

Teams: Brazil | Atlético Paranaense, Shakhtar Donetsk, Manchester City


Fernandinho’s role at Manchester City went beyond the traditional confines of a defensive midfielder. His ability to switch quickly between offensive and defensive duties made him pivotal to the way Pep Guardiola liked to set up his Manchester City side. His nine-year spell at the club resulted in a period of domestic dominance for the Citizens.

His speed, intelligence, ability in the air, and versatility in being able to play multiple positions made him one of Guardiola’s most trusted lieutenants. His tenure at the club exemplified the evolution of the modern defensive midfielder, seamlessly blending defensive grit with the technical acumen required in the contemporary game. His ability to break opposition lines, and contribute to build-up play made him a vital cog in the Manchester City machine.

13. Fernando Redondo

Key attribute – Vision

Date of birth: 06/06/69

Teams: Argentina | Argentinos Juniors, Tenerife, Real Madrid, AC Milan


Argentine maestro Fernando Redondo left an indelible mark on the defensive midfielder position during his time at Real Madrid. Known for his elegance on the ball, impeccable vision, and ability to control the tempo of the game, he was one of the earliest players to truly transcend the position. His performances in the heart of Real’s midfield were a key factor in the team’s success, including their UEFA Champions League triumph in 2000.


Redondo’s influence extended beyond his defensive duties; he was a playmaker from deep positions, initiating attacks and showcasing the artistry, vision, and off the ball work that was needed for the role. As one of the best defensive midfielders of his era, Redondo’s legacy is a testament to the versatility and skill that define the position.

12. N’Golo Kanté

Key attribute – Transitional play 

Date of birth: 29/04/91

Teams: France | Boulogne, Caen, Leicester City, Chelsea, Al-Ittihad


N’Golo Kanté’s meteoric rise to prominence began when he established himself in the heart of Leicester City’s midfield during their fairy-tale Premier League triumph, before a big money move to Chelsea brought another league title, with European success as well. Kanté’s tenacity, work rate, and versatility have propelled him into the echelons of the world’s best defensive midfielders. His ability to win back possession, cover vast expanses of the pitch, as well as being able to contribute to attacking sequences showcases the evolution of the defensive midfielder role.


Though his recent eyebrow-raising move to Saudi Arabia has possibly tarnished his reputation (and legacy) somewhat, there is no denying the ability and quality he possesses. Adept as a box to box midfield player as well as a CDM, Kante remains one of the greats of the modern game. 

11. Edgar Davids

Key attribute – Breaking up play

Date of birth: 13/04/73

Teams: Netherlands | Ajax, AC Milan, Juventus, Barcelona (loan), Inter Milan, Tottenham Hotspur, Crystal Palace, Barnet


One of the most iconic and recognisable footballers of all-time, Davids stood out with his dreadlocked hair and protective glasses. But he also stood out for being one of the greatest defensive midfielders of his generation. Highly skilled at breaking up play, and regarded as the archetypal blood and thunder defensive midfielder, Davids added much-needed steel to any team.


Nicknamed ‘The Pitbull,’ Davids was a larger than life figure who propelled his sides to success, winning (among other honours) a Champions League, UEFA Cup, and 3x Serie A titles in his career. Though he was mercurial, and was known to fall out with managers and teammates, his brilliance on the pitch cements him as one of the game’s best ever.

Top 10 Defensive Midfielders

10. Xabi Alonso 

Key attribute – Playmaking 

Date of birth: 25/11/81

Teams: Spain | Real Sociedad, Eibar (loan), Liverpool, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich


Xabi Alonso, a Spanish artisan in the heart of midfield, brought a unique blend of artistry and control to the defensive midfielder position. His passing range, vision, and ability to dictate the tempo set him apart as one of the premier playmakers from deep positions. A mainstay for Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich, Alonso would take the responsibility of orchestrating intricate attacking plays for his sides from deep. 

He may not have won the Ballon D’Or at Liverpool like Michael Owen did, but, in the tapestry of footballing elegance, Alonso’s name is etched as a master of the craft, a player whose ability to control the rhythm of the game was second to none. His legacy endures as an inspiration for a new generation of players who seek to marry defensive solidity with a flair for creative play. 

9. Sergio Busquets

Key attribute – Transitional play

Date of birth: 16/07/88

Team: Spain | Barcelona, Inter Miami


In the modern era of football, Sergio Busquets stands as a metronome, dictating the tempo with unrivalled grace. A product of Barcelona’s famed La Masia academy, Busquets is not merely a defensive shield but an architect of play. His ability to read the game, intercept passes, and seamlessly transition from defence to attack was pivotal in the success and prolonged dominance Barcelona showed throughout the 2010s. 

Busquets’ influence extends beyond the Camp Nou, as his style has become a reference point for aspiring defensive midfielders globally, and this was brought even more to the forefront following his move Stateside to join Inter Miami, and reconnect with former Barca teammates Jordi Alba and Lionel Messi.

8. Didier Deschamps

Key attribute – Tenacity 

Date of birth: 15/10/68

Team: France | Nantes, Marseille, Bordeaux (loan), Juventus, Chelsea, Valencia


Before guiding France to World Cup glory as a manager, Didier Deschamps was a midfield maestro orchestrating success on the pitch. He is perhaps best remembered for how he marshalled France to victory in the 1998 World Cup, showing not only defensive prowess but tactical astuteness and leadership qualities. 


Deschamps’ impact on the defensive midfield position was one of the earliest stand-out displays, as his leadership qualities extend beyond the pitch. The World Cup-winning captain’s enduring legacy serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring defensive midfielders, emphasising the importance of tactical intelligence and the ability to marshal a team to triumph.

7. Andrea Pirlo

Key attribute – Technique

Date of birth: 19/05/79

Teams: Italy | Brescia, Inter Milan, Reggina (loan), AC Milan, Juventus, New York City F.C.


One of the greatest players of all-time, and one of the biggest talents on this list, Pirlo is largely responsible for adding flair, dynamism, and creative beauty to a position much more associated with bruising tackles and robust challenges. His vision, technique, creativity, and dead ball skills were almost unrivalled, and he remains one of the best playmaking midfielders of all-time


Aside from his final two seasons in the USA with New York City FC, Pirlo spent his entire career playing in his native Italy. He was best-known for his 10 year stint with AC Milan, where he won two league titles and two UEFA Champions Leagues, and a four-year spell at Juventus, winning four consecutive Serie A titles.

6. Dunga 

Key attribute – Breaking up play

Date of birth: 31/10/63

Team: Brazil | Internacional, Corinthians, Santos, Vasco de Gama, Pisa, Fiorentina, Pescara, VfB Stuttgart, Júbilo Iwata


As one of the greatest and most respected defensive midfielders in history, Dunga rose to prominence as an unyielding force in Brazil’s midfield. He played a pivotal role in providing defensive stability to a team famed for its attacking flair. Defensive midfield in the vibrant, attacking Brazil side of the 1990s was probably the toughest position to play in world football. Yet Dunga’s tough-tackling style, positional awareness, and leadership qualities were crucial components of Brazil’s success, including their triumph in the 1994 World Cup.


Dunga’s legacy as Brazil’s defensive sentinel remains a symbol of the balance required in the heart of the pitch. His ability to break up opposition plays, protect the backline, and instigate attacking sequences, was the metronome that helped this Brazilian side – packed full of flair – to thrive. In the rich history of Brazilian football, Dunga’s contributions and defensive brilliance allowed this team to be so successful.

5. Patrick Vieira

Key attribute – Leadership

Date of birth: 23/06/76

Teams: France | Cannes, AC Milan, Arsenal, Juventus, AC Milan, Manchester City


One of the most iconic players in Arsenal’s history, Captain Fantastic Patrick Vieira was the club’s most successful captain of the Premier League era, and iconically captained them during the “Invincibles” era. His blend of physicality, tactical brilliance, and leadership established him as one of the most iconic captains in the division. His ability to disrupt opposition plays, drive the team forward, and contribute goals showcased the multi-faceted nature of the best defensive midfielders.

Vieira’s impact was instrumental in helping Thierry Henry become one of the best strikers in the world. His leadership qualities were the guiding force behind Arsenal’s unprecedented unbeaten league campaign, and helped the Gunners compete with Manchester United.

4. Roy Keane

Key attribute – Tenacity

Date of birth: 10/08/71

Teams: Republic of Ireland | Cobh Ramblers, Nottingham Forest, Manchester United, Celtic


Roy Keane, an indomitable force in the heart of Manchester United’s midfield, epitomised the essence of a box-to-box midfielder. Beyond the ferocity of his tackles and the tenacity in every duel, Keane was an unexpectedly intelligent footballer. His leadership qualities were the bedrock of Manchester United’s success during a period of unparalleled dominance, and his tumultuous rivalry with Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira was one of the Premier League’s leading rivalries ever


Keane’s influence extended beyond his playing days, as he seamlessly transitioned into a managerial role, embodying the principles of discipline, determination, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His tumultuous relationship (and eventual falling out) with Sir Alex Ferguson led to his acrimonious departure from the club in 2005. Despite this, he is still regarded as one of the best defensive midfielders the Premier League has ever seen. 

3. Claude Makélélé

Key attribute – Positioning 

Date of birth: 18/02/73

Teams: France | Nantes, Marseille, Celta Vigo, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain


Claude Makélélé, a name synonymous with the art of interception and positioning, initiated a seismic shift in the role of defensive midfielders. His tenure at Chelsea and Real Madrid witnessed a redefinition of the position, with Makélélé not only disrupting opposition plays but also instigating attacks with his precise passes. His influence extended far beyond the realm of statistics; Makélélé was a maestro orchestrating the ebb and flow of the game. His legacy endures, with contemporary players drawing inspiration from his groundbreaking approach to the defensive midfielder role.


Makélélé’s impact was not confined to the immediate present but resonates in the very fabric of modern football. His ability to seamlessly blend defensive solidity with an astute understanding of offensive transitions has become a template for aspiring defensive midfielders worldwide. The name Makélélé has transcended individual accolades; it represents a paradigm shift that forever altered the perception of the defensive midfielder, making him the undisputed trailblazer of his generation.

2. Frank Rijkaard

Key attribute – Anticipation

Date of birth: 30/09/62

Team: Netherlands | Ajax, Sporting CP, Real Zaragoza (loan), AC Milan


Whilst he may not have had the overarching status and flair of some of his other Dutch contemporaries, such as Ruud Gullit and Marco Van Basten, Rijkaard remains one of the finest footballers the Netherlands ever produced. His ability to read the game, anticipate attacks, win the ball, and pick out a pass, made him an integral cog in both the acclaimed AC Milan side of the late 1980s, and the Holland national team.

His performance helping his country to glory in the 1988 European Championships singled him out as one of the world’s best players. At club level he won honours at both Ajax and AC Milan, and is one of only a handful of players to have won three European Cups. Described by The Daily Telegraph as a “stylish player of faultless pedigree,” Rijkaard is widely regarded as one of the greatest defensive midfielders of all-time.

Best Defensive Midfielder Ever

1. Lothar Matthäus

Key attribute – Leadership

Date of birth: 21/03/61

Teams: West Germany/Germany | 1. FC Herzogenaurach, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, New York MetroStars


Indisputably one of the finest players ever to play the game, Lothar Matthäus makes top spot on our list for many reasons. Whilst some may view him as more of a central midfielder, and others as a defensive midfielder, his flexibility, competitive streak, understanding of the game, and leadership skills make him the complete midfielder. 


The man Maradonna once described as “My toughest opponent,” was a core lynchpin of the German/West German of the 80s and 90s. Capable of playing anywhere in midfield, and ending his career as a sweeper, Matthäus was the ultimate utility player, in the days before that was even a thing. A consummate professional, he continues to be regarded among the greatest players ever to play the game. 

Best Central Defensive Midfielders of All-Time - Honourable Mentions


Key attribute – Distribution 

Date of birth: 23/10/93

Teams: Brazil | Fluminense, Rio Ave, Real Madrid (loan), Monaco, Liverpool, Al-Ittihad


In the modern Premier League era, peak Fabinho was up there with one of the finest defensive midfielders in the modern game. His exceptional performances for Liverpool led to the nickname “The Lighthouse” due to his ability to read the game, break up opposition plays, and distribute the ball efficiently. 

Fabinho’s versatility, seamlessly transitioning between defensive solidity whilst contributing to attacking build-ups, made him a key part of Liverpool’s success under Jurgen Klopp. His rise to prominence represented the evolution of the defensive midfielder role, showcasing not only defensive prowess but also the ability to influence the game in all areas. Whilst his decline last season, and a controversial move to Saudi Arabia, cost him a spot on the list, his peak Liverpool form made him one of the best in the modern game.



Key attribute – Tackling

Date of birth: 22/06/96

Teams: Spain | Villarreal, Atlético Madrid, Manchester City 


The benchmark against which so many are measured, Rodri is currently perhaps the best defensive midfielder in world football. So important is his role at Manchester City that of the three games he missed through suspension this season, the Citizens lost them all. A crucial deep-lying cog that allows Pep Guardiola’s marauding attacking side to function properly. 

His tall, broad physique makes him a powerhouse in the middle, with Squawka reporting he won 73% of tackles and 100% of aerial duels last season.  He has also added goals to his game, arriving late, from deep, to score a number of important long-range strikes. 


Matthias Sammer 

Key attribute – Versatility

Date of birth: 05/09/67

Teams: Germany | Dynamo Dresden, VfB Stuttgart, Inter Milan, Borussia Dortmund


One of the most versatile players of all-time, Sammer is perhaps best-known as a strong, combative defensive midfielder, who was talented and energetic enough to push to more offensive positions during matches. His passing ability, ball control, calmness under pressure, and positional sense made him a world-class player in a variety of positions. 

He won two Bundesliga titles and the European Cup with Borussia Dortmund.And, at 29, though not one of the youngest players to win the Ballon D’Or, he scooped the prestigious award in 1996. Regarded as a legend of German football, Sammer is one of the most influential defensive midfielders of all-time.


Ernst Ocwirk 

Key attribute – Anticipation

Date of birth: 07/03/26

Teams: Floridsdorfer AC, Austria Wien, Sampdoria


During the 40s and 50s, Ocwirk was one of the most reliable and formidable defensive midfielders in the game. So much so that the Austrian international earned the nickname “Clockwork” from the British media, who showed great respect to him. Famed for his consistency, versatility, and heart, Ocwirk is regarded as one of Austria’s greatest ever footballers

His impact on the defensive midfield position continues to be felt, and he was well-known for his aesthetically pleasing style of play, heading ability, and anticipation. A key figure in Austria Wien’s domestic dominance, his ability also helped the Austrian National Team to a stunning 3rd-placed finish in the 1955 World Cup. 

Johan Neeskens 

Key attribute – Ball playing

Date of birth: 15/09/51

Teams: Netherlands | RCH, Ajax, Barcelona, New York Cosmos, Groningen, South Florida Sun, Baar, FC Zug


A vital component of the Dutch’s “Total Football” philosophy of the 1970s, Neeskens was a favourite of manager Rinus Michels. Whilst the system had no real fixed positions for players, it required physically and technically elite players, and one of the lesser-known members of this side was Neeskens. With indefatigable stamina and a will to win, he was one of the best (and earliest) counter-pressers the game has ever seen. 

His never say die attitude and high-octane approach on the pitch made him an indispensable team member. A man who wore his heart on his sleeve, and his nine-year spell playing for Ajax and Barcelona was one of the most successful in football. He scooped three consecutive European Cups, and a European Cup Winners’ Cup, and twice finished as a World Cup runner up.

Summarising Our List of the World’s Best Defensive Midfielders

As we traverse the realms of defensive midfield excellence, the narratives of these players transcend statistics, embodying the essence of the position. And, we had to omit a number of contenders from our list too! Consider Owen Hargreaves, one of the greatest English players to play in the Bundesliga, Casemiro, the former Real Madrid star, and more! But there just simply wasn’t room for everyone. 

The legacy of the best defensive midfielders endures not only in trophy cabinets and accolades but in the echoes of their influence across generations. In the symphony of football, these midfield orchestrators leave a lasting imprint, reminding us of the profound impact a well-balanced and visionary defensive midfielder can have on the beautiful game.

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