Premier League


Will Anyone Stop Man City From Winning Another EPL Title?

The English Premier League starts in a few days, and the fans worldwide are already anxious. On the other side, the biggest football superstars are ready to start another campaign and chase glory. We are writing this preview even though the transfer window didn’t close, but simply we’ve wanted to deliver one short and interesting preview on time, rather than to wait for the last moment.

Manchester City Against Everybody

Will Pep Guardiola win his fourth Premier League title in the past five years and become one of the most dominant managerial figures in the history of English football?


Right now, all the odds are pointing towards that outcome. Man City didn’t change its core that much, strengthening up the roster with several additions, the biggest one being Jack Grealish.


“When a team in the last four or five years won a lot, which we cannot deny, and we raise our level in Europe… we need new players. Not much, a few players that can rise to the level of the players that are already here,” Guardiola explained why he wanted Grealish and the rest of the signings.



The reigning European champions, Chelsea, look like a team that can take down City. Thomas Tuchel is the master for tactical tricks, and we’ve seen that in the UCL finals once he defeated Guardiola.


Manchester United and Liverpool are behind the above-mentioned duo. Many believe that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer doesn’t have the needed knowledge to lead the Red Devils and that all the investments made this summer won’t return. Liverpool is an enigma, and the Reds have been rather quiet throughout the transfer window.


It seems that Klopp focused on having all of his players healthy and recovered from last year’s injuries.


Brentford and Norwich City Going Down

The pundits are more than sure that the Bees and the Canaries are heading for the Championship after the end of the season. The biggest question is who will be the third passenger for the second tier of English football. There are several candidates, Brighton, Newcastle, and Watford.


It appears that the relegation battle might be even more interesting than the one for the title, as it was in the previous few years.

Grealish and Lukaku's Transfers Biggest... For Now

A record-breaking £100 million transfer that landed Jack Grealish to Etihad stadium was the first one that shook the world this summer. Even though the midfielder hesitated to accept the Citizens’ offer for a while, in the end, both he and Aston Villa agreed to execute a transfer. He will now play alongside De Bruyne, Gundogan, Stones, etc.


Meanwhile, Romelu Lukaku is heading back to Stamford Bridge to prove his worth and erase the mistakes from the past. The Belgian striker was cut by the Blues seven years ago, and now he has all the motive in the world to become Chelsea’s leading star.

Daka to Explode

The 22-year old Zambian attacker landed in Leicester from Red Bull Salzburg for £23 million, and he is expected to be a significant part of the Foxes’ game. After all, Daka is the replacement for Jamie Vardy, who is slowly reaching the end of his career.


Brendan Rodgers specifically wanted the Zambian in Leicester, and the former Liverpool and Celtic manager holds a high opinion of the youngster.


“He’s fast, but speed is also in the brain – that’s where you need it – and thankfully, he is a thinker as well.”



We really expect to see Daka having an immediate impact on Leicester’s game and becoming one of the best young players in the league.


Tottenham Crash

The Spurs and Harry Kane have reached the end of their relationship. The fantastic striker doesn’t want to play for Tottenham anymore, and he clearly showed the desire to change the club.


Nuno Espirito Santo shouldn’t try to persuade Kane to stay because that would only extend the agony and further deteriorate an already ruined chemistry in the locker room.


We predict a very nasty and frustrating season for Tottenham, who will have to change the entire system of play and adjust to the new circumstances.