The Most Shocking Premier League Odds Upsets of All Time

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published 17:32, 09 September 2023

The Premier League has always been a hotbed of excitement and unpredictability. With teams filled with top-class talent and fervent fan bases, it’s no wonder that the league has produced some of the most astonishing premier league odds upsets in football history. 

The Miracle at the Bridge – Chelsea vs. Bradford City (2015)

Chelsea vs. Bradford City 2015(source: Imago)

One of the most remarkable upsets in Premier League history occurred on January 24, 2015, when Bradford City, a team from the fourth tier of English football, faced off against the mighty Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. The odds were heavily stacked against Bradford City, with bookmakers offering astronomical odds for their victory. However, Bradford City defied the odds, winning 4-2 in a breathtaking encounter.


Leicester City’s Fairy Tale – Leicester City’s 2015-16 Title Win

Leicester City’s 2015-16 Title Win(source: Imago) 

In the 2015-16 season, Leicester City’s triumph went beyond an upset; it was a fairytale. At the start of the season, the odds of Leicester City winning the Premier League were 5000-1. To put that into perspective, it was more likely that Elvis Presley would be found alive than Leicester winning the title. Yet, against all logic, they did just that, capturing the imagination of football fans worldwide.


The Great Escape-  West Bromwich Albion (2004-05)


In the 2004-05 season, West Bromwich Albion seemed destined for relegation. With just 20 points from 36 games, survival seemed impossible. The bookmakers agreed, offering odds as high as 2500-1 against them avoiding relegation. However, a miraculous run of results saw West Bromwich Albion achieve the impossible, surviving on the final day of the season.


The Battle of Old Trafford- Manchester United vs. Manchester City (2021)


In the 2020-21 season, Manchester United faced off against their arch-rivals, Manchester City. City was on a 21-match winning streak in the Premier League and were overwhelming favorites. However, in a dramatic turn of events, Manchester United defeated City 2-0, halting their incredible run and causing a major upset.

David vs. Goliath-  Wigan Athletic vs. Manchester City (2013)


The 2013 FA Cup Final saw a classic David vs. Goliath encounter when Wigan Athletic faced Manchester City. The odds were heavily in favor of City, who were the reigning Premier League champions. However, Wigan Athletic produced a shock result by winning 1-0, clinching their first-ever FA Cup.


A Rich History of Upsets 


The Premier League has a rich history of shocking odds upsets that have left fans in awe. These moments remind us that in football, anything can happen, and the underdogs sometimes emerge victorious against all expectations. These stories of triumph against the odds make the Premier League the thrilling and unpredictable competition that it is.




  1. What are odds upsets in the Premier League?

Odds upsets refer to situations where a team with very low odds of winning a match or achieving a specific outcome manages to do so against a much-favored opponent.


  1. Has any team with 5000-1 odds won the Premier League since Leicester City?

No, Leicester City’s 2015-16 title win remains the most extraordinary underdog story in Premier League history.


  1. Which Premier League season had the most shocking upsets?

The 2015-16 season, with Leicester City’s title win, is widely considered the season with the most shocking upsets.


  1. Are odds upsets common in football?

No, odds upsets are relatively rare in football, making them all the more memorable when they do occur.


  1. How do bookmakers determine odds for football matches?’

Bookmakers consider various factors, including team form, player injuries, historical performance, and public betting trends when setting odds for football matches.


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