The Fastest Players in La Liga 2023

The Fastest Players in La Liga 2023
The Fastest Players in La Liga 2023
Matt Biggin
Matt Biggin

published 09:48, 12 December 2023

Samu Omorodion top speed

5. Samu Omorodion

Alavés (35.4 km/h)

Assane Diao top speed

4. Assane Diao

Bétis (35.4 km/h)

Iñaki Williams top speed

3. Iñaki Williams

Athletic Bilbao (35.4 km/h)

Andrei Ratiu top speed

2. Andrei Rațiu

Rayo Vallecano (35.6 km/h)

Vinícius Júnior top speed

1. Vinícius Júnior

Real Madrid (36 km/h)

La Liga tends to be a league recognised and celebrated for its high technical ability and clever use of the ball.

It tends not to be a league we associate too much with blistering counter attacks, and burning pace. This is why it is unusual to find that La Liga has some of the fastest players in all of football.

In this blog, we are going to look at the 5 fastest footballers in La Liga in 2023, what their speed brings to the game, and how it helps their teams. So, let’s dive in and find out more about the Spanish league’s top speed demons. 

5. Samu Omorodion - Alavés (35.4 km/h)

Samu Omorodion top speed

Samu Omorodion (source: Imago)

Samu Omorodion of Alavés claims the fifth spot on our list with a top speed of 35.4 km/h.

The Nigerian forward’s rapid acceleration and pace makes him a formidable attacking threat for Alavés, and terrifies La Liga’s defences.

Omorodion’s pace helps Alavés in transition but also adds an X-factor to their attacking play that they might not otherwise have had.

4. Assane Diao - Bétis (35.4 km/h)

Assane Diao top speed
Iñaki Williams top speed

Iñaki Williams (source: Imago)

Athletic Bilbao icon Iñaki Williams has always ranked among the fastest players in La Liga, and his Biscay-born superstar’s 10-year spell at the club has seen him rack up some eye-watering speeds over that time.

His 2023 top speed of 35.4 km/h, matches both Diao and Omorodion, securing him 3rd on our list. His explosive pace has long been a weapon for Bilbao, stretching defences and creating space for his teammates.

His speed not only contributes to the team’s  attacking prowess, but also allows him to perform defensive cover as well.

2. Andrei Rațiu - Rayo Vallecano (35.6 km/h)

Andrei Ratiu top speed

Andrei Ratiu (source: Imago)

Rayo Vallecano’s Andrei Rațiu takes the number two spot with a top speed of 35.6 km/h. The Romanian full-back’s ability to reach high speeds on the flank has been a revelation for Rayo Vallecano.

Rațiu’s pace not only bolsters their defensive solidity but also serves as a potent attacking outlet, allowing him to contribute in both halves of the pitch.

1. Vinícius Júnior - Real Madrid (36 km/h)

Vinícius Júnior top speed

Vinícius Júnior (source: Imago)

Securing the top spot as the fastest player in La Liga for 2023 is Real Madrid’s Brazilian sensation Vinícius Júnior, with an impressive top speed of 36 km/h.

Vinícius Júnior’s electrifying pace has been a highlight for Real Madrid, making the winger a constant threat on the counter-attack, and helping him to record 17 league goals in the 2020/21 season.

His ability to leave defenders in his wake and break through defensive lines adds a decisive element to Real Madrid’s attacking transitions.

Despite Vini’s impressive speed, he falls just 0.4 MPH short of making our list of the fastest footballers. Fortunately, he still has a lengthy career ahead and is yet to reach his peak. We anticipate that he’ll soon earn a spot on that list.

In the Pantheon of Fastest La Liga Footballers

While these players may not surpass the absolute fastest recorded speeds in the history of football, their performances place them among the elite in the modern era. Speed demons like Thierry Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Suarez, and Ousmane Dembele have set remarkable records in the division, but the current crop of La Liga’s fastest players is undoubtedly making its mark.

Why Speed is So Effective

The incredible speeds these top players are recording brings a wealth of advantages to their respective teams. It causes a wealth of problems for defenders, as well as causing managers difficulties when having to deal with specific tactical plans and strategies to counteract pace. Using pace effectively is a powerful weapon for La Liga clubs, and can help to create space, stretch backlines, create holes, and allow for quick counter attacks and transitional plays. 

In conclusion, La Liga in 2023 has seen a remarkable array of speedsters, with Vinícius Júnior leading the charge. As we approach the end of the year and move into 2024, we could see new speed merchants emerge to break records and claim the title of La Liga’s fastest player, but for now, these guys rule the roost.

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