Clearance sale: A third of Real Madrid players will leave this summer?

Eden Hzard Real Madrid 2020
Eden Hzard Real Madrid 2020
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published 11:55, 03 March 2022

Clearance sale: A third of Real Madrid players will leave this summer?

Bale, Isco and Marcelo, are finishing a contract, five other players who are unlikely to get opportunities may part ways. Blancos has an economic obstacle and will be forced to release Hazard and Luka Jović.

Besides attempting to go all the way and winning both La Liga and the Champions League, the Blancos have started planning the following season. The team from the Spanish capital may sign the amazing Kylian Mbappe in free transfer in the summer, which plays a crucial role in the fight for the services of Erling Haaland, and is mentioned as one of the candidates to take on Paul Pogba, who is ending his contract at Manchester United.

kylian mbappe National Team

Will Killian Ambape join Real Madrid in free transfer this summer? (Image:

However, to allow the signing of those players, Real also needs to say goodbye to some members of the current squad and been reported by the Mirror that no less than eight players may pay the price of the revolution to leave this summer.

Thre veteran players, Marcelo, Gareth Bale and Isco, whose contract will expire at the end of the season, are expected to leave. The three players together earn about 60 million euros gross, and parting with the three will significantly facilitate the team financially and give it the flexibility to operate in the transfer window.

The five players who are not yet at the end of their contract but may still part with the team are Jesús Vallejo, Dani Ceballos, Eden Hazard, Mariano Diaz and Luka Jović. The Blancos manager, Carlo Ancelotti, seem to sideline them more often and rarely gives them playing time. Regarding Ceballos, in Spain, it has been claimed that he may return to his youth club, Betis, from where he was sold to Real Madrid.

Mariano Diaz and Luca Jovic, the two strikers, supposed to serve as backup for Karim Benzema, are not in Ancelotti’s plans for next season. The Italian manager seems to have so little faith in them that even when the French striker is not available for him, he still decides not to play them. Mariano, who came on as a substitute at halftime against Barcelona, ​​received more credit this year over the Serb, but not enough to secure him a regular place at the first team in a crucial game like Al Clásico.

El Clásico has made it clear that it's time for a change

Real Madrid proudly leads the Spanish league desk nearly all season; it certified for the Champions League quarter-finals after a big comeback in opposition to Paris Saint-Germain. Still, closing Sunday, a vivid caution signal got here on with the 4-zero loss withinside the domestic Clasico to Barcelona.

Real Madrid’s loss withinside the Clásico to Barcelona best highlighted the hard state of affairs at the Blancos’ bench, with 4 gamers that instruct Carlo Ancelotti truly does now no longer trust: Eden Hazard, Mariano Diaz, Gareth Bale and Luca Jović.

The appreciated Italian manager hardly gives them any chances to play the pitch. There could be several reasons why they are mostly benched, then play week after week.

Ancelotti's equal chance policy backfired on the Blancos superstars

When he came to Madrid again, Ancelotti decided that each of the players should be allowed to prove their value for the team without judging them based on their past performances under previews managers. On the contrary, he tried to give every player equal opportunities. As a result, in this season’s first team lineup, Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale, among others, started regularly to bring them back their confidence, while Luka Jović and Isco also came in as substitutes.

The Belgian winger got minutes in 10 of the first 12 games of the season, Bale opened in the first three games.
Both the Belgian winger and Bale got plenty of chances during the first 10 of the first 12 games of the season.

Despite giving them a fair amount of minutes to play and prove that they can be an integral part of the team, the two wingers didn’t deliver.

Carlo Ancelotti

Fair chances did not earn back the Blancos top players form (Image:

Gareth Bale is no longer a priority player after getting injured one too many times

After Bale suffered another calf injury, Ancelotti started looking for someone to fill the gap. Asensio was just getting back to his regular form, and Bale realized that Real was no longer dependent on him. This was when he had decided that he had no intention of continuing to give his best for the club.

Gareth Bale has not been registered in Real Madrid’s squad for the Clasico, but the national team had no doubt regarding his participation as his form on the Wales training ground was nothing less than superb. In Bales point of view, the national team is the place where he is putting is heart and soul and maybe the only place that he can keep showing his phenomenal abilities. The Welshman did not disappoint and bagged a fantastic duo and led his side to the playoff final.

After Bale was documented vigorously and smilingly in the Wales national team training, taking advantage of some of the time to play golf. Unsurprisingly, these images provoked anger in Spain, and appeared on the front page of “Marca” this morning with the sarcastic caption: “It no longer hurts him”.

Marca even claims that Real took it one step further, and when Bale submitted to the club an invoice for 30,000 euros for medical expenses he paid in a private setting, the group refused to pay him the amount. According to the report, “this is Real’s way to put Bale in place.”
He will no doubt leave at the end of the current season.

Hazard is not reaching to his full potential

Eden Hazard was one of the best players in the world. He dominated the Premier League with Chelsea and sometimes scored goals that only Leo Messi could have scored. He also led Belgium to the World Cup semi-finals and respectable third place. His next leap came in 2019 when Real Madrid bought him for € 100 million, and Hazar promised, “I will try to be the best in the world” in front of 50,000 excited fans who came to see him.

Fast forward to November 2021, Eden Hazard is a wreck. According to Transfer Market, his value has plummeted to just 22 million euros, and he sees from the bench Real Madrid’s attack is doing well without him. No one anymore remembers that he came on the standard of the next leader of the Blancos; this role was taken for him by Karim Benzema. Neither does the glittering offensive diamond; this is what Vinicius does.

The case of Hazard is different. In Spain, it is believed that he has the right attitude, but he is very far in his level of playing from Vinicius Jr., Rodrigo and Marco Asensio. He is loved on the team and does not make problems when Ancelotti does not pick him time and time again, and the coach appreciates him for that, but he does not get the opportunities to actually take on the field.

The Italian believes that the winger contributes very little to Real’s game, and the Belgian, for his part, is very hurt by the coach – he does not understand why even when he is fully fit, he is not in Ancelotti’s plans. Since the beginning of the calendar year, the relationship between the two was distanced, and three years since he came to Madrid, Hazard did play, not a single minute in the Clásico.

Jović's lack of motivation is noticeable, Mariano has never been good enough

Real Madrid who are on the top of the la Liga standings, seems to have had enough of Jović, who they claim that has lost interest to fight for his place in the club., It’s been said that the Serbian as many keeps to himself and is trying to get as little attention as possible. After a somewhat forced loan in 2021 to Frankfurt, he came back with the expectation that the playing time he got in the German club will have a positive effect on his playing abilities, but this was in vain. . Now, Jovic is on the transfer list but no real offer came.

In Spanish media, Juvic was often referred to as “lazy”, which gave Mariano the opportunity to play in the Clásico.

Since Mariano landed in the senior team, he was never the first choice for any of his previous managers.


Jović is not the replacement for Benzema as was hoped for (Image:

The team was very angry with him for refusing to leave even though he was explicitly told not to play. He has been injured no less than six times this season and recorded just seven appearances. In five seasons in the seniors (four in a row since it was decided to pay Lyon 33 million euros for him), he contributed 11 goals (2.2 per season) in 68 games (13 per season on average).

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